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Opened: Wednesday, 1 February 2023, 8:00 AM
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We  have reached the maximum number of participants for this batch. In case you want to proceed with pre-registration, your application will be included in the waitlisted applicants. 
All the waitlisted applicants shall be prioritized if there are any cancellations of slots or shall be prioritized in the next batch. 

REMINDER: Please ensure that you have clicked the "apply to course"  button and have your requirements ready before entering this activity.


Please ensure to submit all requirements listed below:

      • Copy of License to Operate issued for 2023
      • Copy of Certificate of Inclusions for Laboratory issued for 2023
      • Copy of Valid PRC License
      • Proof that the BSF is capable to test for TTI serology on the scheduled date of training (i.e. machines and reagents for TTI testing readily available for use)
      • Endorsement Letter from Pathology Head or Head of the agency (certifying that the participant is a practicing Medical Technologist in the Laboratory for at least 6 months and that the fees are to be shouldered by the management)
                                 The letter should be addressed to: 
                                 Catherine B. Masangkay, MD, DPSP 
                                         Head, Transfusion Transmissible Infections-NRL 

         NOTE: Payment should be made ONLY AFTER you receive the acknowledgement and confirmation of your registration. Payments made without registration confirmation will not be honored.

How to submit my requirements?

Submit your requirements by uploading them using the submit requirements button below.

What's next after I submit my requirements?

Once application requirements are submitted the training provider will review your application. Any updates about your application will be sent via email notification.

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